Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn For Private Practice Growth

Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn For Private Practice Growth

Over and over again we are told by Marketers that we should be using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to help us to pick up new private clients. When you consider that Facebook and Instagram are always promoted as being the best for B2C (business to consumer) marketing, it is understandable why you would put all of your social marketing efforts into those specific platforms.

One platform that is seldom considered when it comes to B2C is LinkedIn, this is because it is famously the business to business (B2B) platform, where businesses and their employees will attempt to network with other businesses and their employees to facilitate business deals and sales. Because of preconceptions about the platform’s purpose, and the difficulties that would come from trying to sell consumer products, there is very little B2C marketing done on LinkedIn;  this leaves a lot of room for you to swoop in and pick up private clients.

LinkedIn will be full to the brim with potential private clients: professionals with disposable income and very little time to be waiting on the phone hoping that the NHS be able to slot them in to a last minute appointment. The beauty of LinkedIn is that you can search for people via location and job title, meaning that it is fairly simple to be connecting with those in your catchment area who may have a good enough job to be willing to pay privately. People often accept connection requests off of people they do not know, especially if you have mutual connections (yet another search filter), meaning that you can start to really bulk out your reach to potential patients.

Once you are connected, it is time to get social. Start producing content for your potential clients, using blogs, pictures and video. You can really start to build trust and relationships through this content, making good pieces that educate the audience and show them why you are an expert in your field, and make them want to share with their network.

By doing this, they start to become familiar with you, trust in your knowledge and abilities. They then subconsciously know that they should come to you if they need help, without you ever having to reach out to them, and start to build your brand awareness across a group of people who are in the right position to be able to go with you privately.

As well as getting out to potential clients, you are also exposing yourself to other doctors that could see your expertise on show and decide to refer to you, as well as being seen by event organisers who may reach out and ask you to speak at one of your events, generating even more awareness of you and your brand.

Use LinkedIn to show your potential private patients exactly why they should go with you, while no one else is doing it, and reap the rewards before your competitors work out what you are doing!


This article was provided by our Strategic Marketing Expert Partners, the Wynyard Marketing Company

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