Why Go To Events & Conferences?

Why Go To Events & Conferences?

Look, I get it. As Doctors we are all incredibly busy, always have a massive to do list and are perpetually tired; it feels like what we have to do is never ending, and any time outside of our working hours should be allocated to our loved ones or even just to ourselves.

Because of our naturally hectic lives, it becomes very hard to fit in the social things that we actually desire to do, never mind giving up an early morning or evening, to travel to go and pay (usually) to watch someone talk about our day jobs to us. Sometimes it is hard for us to recognise the value from these events, so we turn to the easy alternative which is to just not go.

When we look at these events as a drain on our most precious resource (time) we will forever resent the idea of going to them, and therefore find every excuse under the sun to never attend, What we need to do, is to put in place a mindset shift in which we can start to see the benefits of them, because although a lot are voluntary, there are some that we just can’t (or shouldn’t) get out of, and it’s very draining going somewhere that you don’t want to be right from the start.

So what are the benefits to events and conferences?


Probably the most important reason for attending industry events, education is a vital part of being a doctor, and with the Medical field always evolving and progressing it is very important to stay on top for the latest developments and learning opportunities. Education within business based events are arguably more critical; developing knowledge outside of our specialities and helping us to efficiently and effectively grow our businesses makes theses events paramount to our success.


You never know who you will meet at industry events. Growing your network can be such a great catalyst to business growth, especially if you meet someone with great synergy to your specialism who may be able to provide you with some referrals in the future. It’s also worth noting that it’s not  just those present who you may be developing a network with, but also possibly with who they know. Any opportunity to network should be grasped with both hands, as it can have such a great return on investment.

Patient Retention

Knowing that your doctor prioritises continuous professional development can be very comforting to your patients. If they are able to see that their doctor is always making sure that they are up to date on the latest industry trends, they are likely to feel even more safe in your hands and stay with you for longer, never mind them telling their friends and family. This can also feed into your content strategies, feeding out to your patients through your standard communication channels.

There can be vast benefits to attending events, we just have to see the value in them. They are a great resource, utilise them!

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