View From A Surgeon- Branding

View From A Surgeon- Branding

Dr Paul here, checking in with the next instalment of View From A Surgeon! Today we are going to talk about branding, and its importance.

We’ve all been driving down the road or walking through the high street and you see that sign in front of you, in front of a pub, shop or a business; this sign is on a chalkboard, it looks like it’s been written by a 6 year old, the spelling is wrong and you just think to yourself… really?

You then walk 50 yards down the street and you see ‘The Golden Arches’ or you see the Facebook logo, or an Apple sign (or Microsoft, I wont judge) and you know automatically what you’re getting. Much like these big corporate businesses, in medicine branding is incredibly (and increasingly) important; we have to rely on that trust factor, knowing that patients will recognise the brand and trust it enough to be willing to put their care into our hands.

So we’ve established that branding is important for us to generate relationships and build trust with patients, so bearing that in mind we should put some serious thought into who we are and how we wish to present ourselves and our businesses to the world. Before you choose your brand and how you are going to brand yourself think about two points:

  • Who?

Who are you marketing your practice to? Who is it that you are trying to bring into your clinic? Who do you plan to attract with the brand that you are going to develop?

  • What?

What do you want to communicate to them? How are you going to sell yourself to them?


You need to work these two major questions out before you start thinking about logos, signs, brand personality, branded materials and all of that fun stuff. Without this prior planning, you could stand to waste a lot of time money and potential on rushing the process.

Ultimately, the brand has to represent you. It will be what you put out to your potential clients for the foreseeable future, so you have to make sure that you believe in it, and that it defines who you are, your mission and vision as a business, and is something your comfortable promoting and getting behind.

I’m not here to tell you how to brand, what to brand or how to do it; that’s something that is either up to yourself to work out, or we can put you in touch with our marketing experts to get you some extra help. What I will tell you though, is that branding is vital, it has to be there and present so that you are attracting the people that you want to attract to your business.

You may turn out to be an Apple, a Microsoft or a Facebook, but ultimately that is down to you! This has been branding with Dr Paul and I will see you for the next one.



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