View From A Surgeon- Fear

View From A Surgeon- Fear

Hello, Dr Paul here and welcome to another instalment of View From A Surgeon. In this blog we’re talking about fear, more specifically fear of being an entrepreneur.

Why is fear so bad? what comes with it?

Fear brings procrastination, avoidance behaviour and the feeling of being overwhelmed, which then can lead to inactivity.

What can you do about fear?

Well conveniently, I have put together 7 points surrounding why fear can be generated or exacerbated and how to overcome it:

  1. Fear of failure- That’s in us all, and going back to what I’ve mentioned in previous VFAS blogs, medics are a breed of our own, our personalities and our need to drive forward to succeed and overcome challenges, so the idea of failing goes against everything we strive to achieve.
  2. Fear of taking risks- We take risks all of the time, everyday, all day and that fear of taking risks can effect you in your entrepreneur business world as well.
  3. Fear of fear itself- It’s hard to imagine that you can be afraid of fear but you can be, it’s that overwhelming feeling of the unknown and trying to manage it
  4. Fear of mediocrity- God forbid that I would be mediocre in anything that I do, and this is where I try to employ the power of positive thinking, not allowing myself to even entertain the possibility of mediocrity
  5. Fear of losing creativity- All of us have a creative element inside of us, and losing that creativity can be very common, it often happens when you’re at your busiest, you start following more rigorous structure to keep you on track, which doesn’t allow for creativity and experimentation to flow.
  6. Fear of acceptance- Fear of acceptance is big in medicine, especially when you’re an entrepreneur setting up in Private Practice. There is that fear that your peers may see you as not a ‘proper doctor’ as you ‘sold out’ and went private, with the idea that you are there for the business benefit, not the vocational aspect.
  7. Fear of financial loss- We all have families, we all have bills, we all have things we have to look after and its about making money to be able to pay for all of that, so the fear of financial loss is huge. Trying to grow, taking on more staff, getting a bigger buildings, better infrastructures, software and hardware all costs a lot of money and that in itself is fear inducing.

To help to alleviate some of the pressure and fear, I surround myself with those who can help, those with the knowledge and experience to be able to guide me and keep both me and my business on the right track.

Being a Surgeon, I know fear, one wrong move and it all comes tumbling down; fear of being an entrepreneur is different but no less, and it’s all about learning to manage it and understanding that others feel what you’re feeling to… you’re only human.

We’ll see you again next time on View From A Surgeon.



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