View From A Surgeon- Competition

View From A Surgeon- Competition

Hello, Dr Paul here, welcome to the next instalment of View From A Surgeon. In this blog we’re going to talk about competition. We hear a lot about competition these days, no matter where you look there is always advertising in your face and there is various clinics, markets and products and everything else that all leads back to competition.

What i have done though, is elect to not look at the competition too closely. By looking in depth at the competition, you’re looking at what they are doing and you’re not watching what you are doing; to me that sets you up for a fall, because you’re so busy looking at them that you’re not keeping a keen enough eye on what you’re doing yourself.

Focus on being you, focus on your own philosophy, focus on doing things how you think they should be done. It is important to find a balance, as to not isolate yourself too much from what is going on around you. You need to be willing to check in with your peers to make sure that you aren’t veering off in a complete wrong direction, you don’t want to be out in left field doing things that aren’t recognised. You can look at competition as a peer review of sorts, a system whereby you can monitor what you do and have that help you set a certain standard across the board, it can keep everybody honest if you like. Looking at it from this perspective can not only make competition healthy, but also very beneficial to you and your business.

To conclude, competition should be embraced, but it is also important to keep furrowing your own way and focus; focus on what you are doing, focus on what you are good at and let the competition battle it out amongst themselves.

That’s my view, see you again on the next instalment of VFAS.




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