View From A Surgeon- Doctor First, Businessman Second

View From A Surgeon- Doctor First, Businessman Second

Welcome to the next instalment of View From A Surgeon, what we will be discussing in this blog is the idea of ‘doctor first, businessman second’.

I trained to be a doctor and I went to medical school to be able to treat patients; that is my aim, that is my goal and that is what i want to be able to do. Part of that training as a surgeon enabled me to use the title ‘Mister’, in Canada (where I spent a lot of my working life) we all have the title of ‘Doctor’, whether that be MD, Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Surgery.

My belief is that the ‘Doctor’ title, I feel, allows patients to get a little bit closer to what they’re looking for in terms of help and care. Mister, in my opinion, took me a little bit away from where I wanted to be with patients, so I’ve gone back to being ‘Dr Paul Baguley’ rater than being ‘Mister Paul Baguley’. The philosophy, in my view of being a Doctor is being approachable, being there when the patient needs you and going back to my roots.

By making this step out against tradition, I have actually been able to see my practice grow. Sometimes it is best to follow what you feel is right rather than the status quo.

Doctor first, businessman second.

See you in the next one.





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