The Business of Private Practice Conference: A Run Down For Those Who May Have Not Been Able To Attend

The Business of Private Practice Conference: A Run Down For Those Who May Have Not Been Able To Attend

The Business Of Private Practice Conference was set in the St James 2 room in the Institute of Directors Pall Mall, a breath-taking Grade 1 listed building right in central London.

The evening was opened with Dr Paul Baguley, briefly talking about the reason for the evening, then passing over the floor to Dr Edwin Rajadurai.

Dr Rajadurai is the Managing Director of Servca Group, a Lloyds of London brokerage that deals primarily with Medical Indemnity. Edwin was able to delve into how insurance really works, what you should be looking for, and the questions you should be asking your provider (especially defence unions and organisations) so that you know exactly what it is that you are covered for.

Next, Dr Paul retook the stage to talk about the new trend within the private medical world surrounding Private Medical Groups. Paul wanted everyone in attendance to start asking themselves about the future of the industry, while providing clear and concise information on how groups are formed, the logistics and the benefits.

Then came Andrew Fenton, Director of AF Tax Solutions, a medical specific tax planning firm. Andrew provided a very engaging talk surrounding different company types and needs, money saving tips for medics, then a break down of the most recent budget and how it can apply to the world of private practice.

Dr Paul took stage once more to talk about Step into Practice, its reason for being, and what it can provide to any Private Doctor, in any stage of their career. Dr Paul also broke down how the Step into Practice Private Practice Management system worked, and how it can benefit any consultant.

Group Q&A was next; through the multiple events that SiP has already hosted, it was understood that group Q&A is far more beneficial to the audience, generating a far better learning environment. The three speakers too to the floor to answer any questions that the attendees may have, all weighing in where appropriate to generate a very informative session (Andrew managed to talk about the changing tax implications for electric cars in 2020, which got a lot of people in the room very excited).

Finally the evening was finished off with a networking session  (accompanied by a great selection of canapés) in which a lot of the attendees were able to meet new people and chat about more specifics with the speakers.

All in all, Step into Practice’s first event in London is deemed as a great success, thank you to all that attended, and it is hoped that anyone who missed this one will be able to make it to the next one!

Our next event will be in Manchester on the 20th of March, with invites being sent out very soon to be able to sign up.

Step into Practice intends to be back in London at the end of June/early July, we hope to see you all then!

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