Should all patients be treated like celebrities?

Should all patients be treated like celebrities?

Would you treat a patient differently if they were a celebrity?

Private practice in its most simple form is just another service provision, and in the ever increasing world of competition, it is essential that every one of your patients receives the highest standards of service.  You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and it is likely your PA or Secretary will be the first human contact your patients have with your business.

Statistics show that 86% of customers stopped liaising with a company as a result of a poor service experience – medical practice is no different.  Other statistics show that organisations providing excellent customer service excel over their competitors.

Your private practice is a business and you are competing with your colleagues to attract new patients.  You need to ensure that your PA provides a positive experience for your patients – they need to feel special and looked after – otherwise they will look for another consultant. That is why you need to make sure you’re treating every patient like a celebrity.

How do you make this happen? 

Put yourself in your patients’ shoes and see how they view your practice. What do your patients see when they go to your website?  Does your secretary have enough time to spend with each patient?  Do you know if your patient experience is positive?

Ask for their feedback and act on any concerns.  Make sure your secretary is not bogged down with routine administrative tasks.

Trust Health provides a patient satisfaction survey service for all patients – the results of this can provide statistics to be used on your marketing literature (eg x% of patients rate our services as excellent) or can help identify areas of your business that may need improvement. Engaging Trust Health to work alongside your secretary and existing systems to help with invoicing, credit control and fee collections will free their time to allow them to treat all your patients like celebrities.   If you’re still not sure, here is a testimonial from one of our consultant’s PAs:

“We are very pleased with the service that Trust Health provides. You have been wonderful at picking it up as this isn’t an easy practice to get to grips with as we do a lot of complicated billing because of the self-pay aspect and the cosmetic work.  I can concentrate more now on the patients, the running of clinics and booking operations rather than dealing with invoicing enquires, insurance companies and taking payments, which was very time consuming.  Payments are up to date which I think makes using Trust Health pay for itself. We were losing a lot of revenue because age debt was not being chased promptly.”

For your practice to be a success, all patients need to be treated like celebrities.

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