Recruiting Staff – Taking your first steps

Recruiting Staff – Taking your first steps

When employing staff, whether for the first time, or to add to an existing employee base, there are a number of things that employers often overlook.

Employers would be ill-advised to simply advertise a vacancy without giving some thought as to the overall recruitment process as well as the vacancy itself. Below is a summary of the initial steps an employer should take before looking to appoint a new member of staff.

1. Employers should ensure that they, or anyone involved in recruiting or interviewing staff on behalf of their business, have had equal opportunities training and are familiar with any requirements arising from the Equality Act, and any equal opportunities policy that their business operates.

2. Having complied with the above, employers should compile a job description and a person specification. The job description should cover the main purpose and objectives of the job, and an overview of the associated tasks that the employee will carry out. The person specification should detail specific experience / skills / attributes etc. necessary for the job. These requirements can be split between those which are “essential” for the job and those which are merely “desirable”.

3. As a final step before advertising a vacancy, employers should ensure that all requirements can be objectively justified by reference to the job in question and do not indirectly discriminate against any particular group. Things such as necessary qualifications, working hours, travel arrangements, dress codes etc. should be considered. Employers should also give some thought as to whether the role will be full or part-time, whether the employee will be able to work flexibly, or even to job-share. This is just a sample of the issues that should be taken into account.

Only once the above have been considered and complied with should a vacancy be advertised.

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