How money can impact your lifestyle

How money can impact your lifestyle

It has been said that money is not everything, but the fact is that life is often miserable without it.

Sadly, your success is often marked by how much money you have. In reality, perhaps we should be looking at how successful you are at balancing life and work – that old phrase “Life-work balance”

Do you work to live or live to work? Starting out you may be struggling to keep pace with work, never saying “No” and trying to keep everyone happy. You rush home to see your kids and partner, but rush back to work the next day and start the treadmill again.

As you get older and more senior, you realise that your time is precious, and you see that the harder you work the more the baseline costs are, and therefore the harder you need to work. You are now on a rapidly accelerating merry-go-round of spiralling costs and expenses, needing to earn more to pay for this lifestyle.

I have colleagues who take a week’s holiday from their NHS practice to work in the private sector. I know what I would rather do and where I would rather be.

The good news is that you don’t need to rush around. You should learn to say “No” right from the start! You should work to live and manage your lifestyle around that.

It has taken me 35 years to realise that I am comfortable in my own skin, and I now firmly say, “let me think about that,”  to many requests before I say yes or no.

Money helps, and I have a great lifestyle I will admit, but you can only spend so much. Be wise and careful what you spend, don’t let work control you and don’t assume that success and wealth go hand-in-hand!

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