Getting paid on time – the real secret to wealth management

Getting paid on time – the real secret to wealth management

Managing your money is crucial, but making sure you are paid on time and in full is even more important. There are two ways of doing this; the first is to muddle through with a series of reminders to call ageing debtors and a disorganised sticky notes based series of checklists. The second is to get serious about the process and invest in private practice management software.

‘PPM’ – Private Practice Manager from PPM Software provides a complete solution for the administration and financial control of a private practice. It offers immediate access to the practice’s aged-debtors position and meets the specification required for sending claims via the Internet (EDI). Moreover, the system can significantly reduce the time it takes to produce invoices, statements and reminders.

PPM can also include hosting, allowing you to access your data from anywhere with an Internet connection. It also provides communications via SMS and encrypted e-mail, increasing patient attendance and providing completely secure communication.

“The bottom line is always the most important thing for me; better software will help you make more money by increasing the percentage of fees that actually get paid and reducing the frequency of unreasonably aged debts,” explained Tom Hunt, managing director of PPM Software.

Tony Bernstein, the practice manager at The 78 Harley Street Clinic in London is a fan of the software; “PPM is incredibly easy and it evolves all the time, to cope with changes in practice, technology and insurance requirements. It is basically as good as it gets in terms of private practice administrative activities. I recommend it wholeheartedly and wouldn’t want to work with anything else.”

To obtain a free demonstration of ‘PPM’ – Private Practice Manager simply contact Tom Hunt on 01992 655 940 or e-mail

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