Please browse through our FAQ’s and if you have any more questions, you can send them to us via our Enquiry Page.

What is Step Into Practice?

Step into Practice is a unique venture, developed by surgeon Paul Baguley.

It was set up to give those starting their own practice or expanding an established practice access to knowledge, expertise and contacts they might not otherwise have. We understand that owning your own practice can be complex, and we help guide you through the issues that can arise. Our team is made up of specialists who have set up their own practice before and made it a success. See the Membership page for more info on what we offer.

What support does Step Into Practice offer?

We offer complete support through set up, maintenance and growth. From drawing up your initial business plan to treating your first patient, we are there for you every step of the way. It is not just about saving you time and money, it is about creating a healthy life/work balance and giving you the time to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

I am already in the process of setting up my own private practice, can you help me?

Yes. Step into Practice can provide you with a tried-and-tested system which leads you through setting up, maintaining and growing your practice, saving you time, hassle and money in the process.

Can I become a partner?

We would be happy to bring additional skills and expertise to Step into Practice, and would welcome such enquiries, please use our contact page.

Will I be able to ‘pick and choose’ the parts that I want to take up?

We can offer a bespoke service to suit your needs.  Please use our Enquiry Form to submit any questions that you may have.

Is there really no membership charge?

Our membership is completely free. The only time we will charge you is if you employ our services as an expert partner. As a partner, Step Into Practice can provide virtual office management, with your own Medical Secretary/Personal Assistant, including a call answering service, booking appointments and surgery, typing dictations and managing you and your diary.  We take away the stress of managing your own practice, allowing you time to focus on patient care.  We would negotiate the cost of this service with you, as would any other partner.  Not a doctor?, then we would manage your practice to suit your requirements.

What does the membership give me?

Membership gives you unique access to our 12-step system, a realistically achievable set up within 2 to 4 months for medics or 4 to 6 months for dentists; administrative support through our admin team; and access to all the company contacts you will need. We can manage your business with the help of our partner companies including accountants, financial advisors, lawyers, marketing, IT solutions, insurance, supplies, coaching, billing, recruitment & more!

Will there be different levels of membership depending on what stage of practice development I am at, and therefore what support I will require?

We only offer one level of membership that benefits all of our members.

Will I be building a saleable asset for when I retire?

Yes, we will help you grow your practice, whilst also adding value to it.  The time and effort you put in now will be rewarded with a high income stream and a business that is yours to sell. Step into Practice has a team of valuers and agents to assist with this process.

Can I claim CPD?

Yes. We are CPD approved.

Will I have to pay for events?

The majority of events are free for members, with some given at a discounted rate depending on the event itself.  There is a fee for non-members to attend.

What topics will be covered at the events?

We will be running events with contributions from our partners, providing you with knowledge in areas such as: Practice Financial Management; Insurance; Medical Indemnity; Bookkeeping; IT; Web design and more. Everything will be covered in our events, to ensure you have the appropriate knowledge and on-going support to set up and run your private practice.

Will the presentation slides from the events be available to members?

Yes. Post event slide sets and other resources will be available to all members on the Step into Practice website as ‘view only’ files.

Does it matter where I base my practice?

No it does not matter.  We have UK wide membership and our expert partners are located all over the country.  Our events are also run all over the country to accommodate all of our members.