Are We Educated To Do That?

Are We Educated To Do That?

We are Doctors. We spend a lot of time in education to be able to call ourselves that. We went though University, spending countless hours in the library and in lectures, to then go graduate and go into hospitals to learn and specialise. During that time (as a whole) we were more than happy to be taught, to be told what to do, with the understanding that we didn’t know everything and that others may know things that we don’t.

We then specialise deeper, truly honing in on an aspect of medicine to the point that it makes us an expert in our field. From this point onward, we expect that everyone that we are in contact with that hasn’t had the education or experience that we have to come to us for advice and why wouldn’t we, it would be absurd for someone to try and do what we do without our knowledge. If they were to try and do what we do without the training or education, then we would expect for things to go wrong and complications to occur.

We are able to see this as a logical thought process, and why wouldn’t we?  Those who are educated in the matter are the clear choice to do the job right?

Of course, i’m glad we agree on that. But one question following on from that…

Why are you still doing your own taxes?

Oh and actually while we’re on this topic, what about your investments? Are you managing your practice on an Excel spreadsheet? Are you unnecessarily employing someone to manage your practice? Are you going to google for business advice, guessing your way through and hoping that it all works out okay?

After what we’ve just said, it all seems a bit counter intuitive doesn’t it? No matter what stage of Private Practice you are, you should have a support network around you that are educated in the areas that you aren’t, understanding and valuing their experiences and knowledge so that you don’t have to try your hand at being a tax adviser as well as being a doctor.

Build your network, value their knowledge, have them do what you can’t, have it done right the first time… it will save you a whole lot of time and money.


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