It’s all about YOU …

It’s all about YOU …



It’s all about YOU …

Unless you’re naturally confident and outgoing – and most people tend not to be – suddenly having to talk about yourself and promote your expertise can push you completely out of your comfort zone.

But it is a ‘necessary evil’ if you want a successful practice.  People buy people and you are the ‘product’ that you are ‘selling’.

And with that we will desist from using ‘quotation marks’ around key terminology because marketing will become an essential tool of your business and one that  should command respect and attention. In essence whenever any of us go into business for ourselves, we go into the business of marketing. Without people buying our services we have no business.

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Generating instant business through marketing can be difficult, particularly if you are offering a service rather than a product. It can take a few months for you to really see the results of your activity, very much like regular sessions at the gym. And just as you wouldn’t stop going to the gym once you’ve got your body in shape, you shouldn’t treat marketing like a stop start activity.  If your client levels suddenly drop, you need to make sure you have plenty more clients ready to walk through your doors

So put marketing at the top of the agenda. And we don’t mean spending thousands on expensive advertising that may generate little or no return on your investment.  Instead create a PR strategy and put this firmly at the heart of your overall marketing and sales strategy.

PR is recognised as one of the most effective marketing tools – and certainly the best at delivering a good return on investment – if it’s done correctly.  It positions you (and therefore your brand) as an expert in your respective field and it attracts the right target audience for your business. Yes you will need to do some advertising, but this doesn’t have to be expensive and it certainly doesn’t have to be extensive. It just needs to add leverage to your PR offer and provide a regular reminder to your local audience of your contact details and your list of services.

So what is PR? At the heart of PR is a relationship with your target audience usually conducted through magazines, newspapers, local radio and TV and social media.

It can seem daunting at first but if you think of yourself as a ‘brand’ it becomes a lot easier.  Don’t get bogged down in providing lots of articles and press releases full of medical detail, it will turn most readers off.  A lot of people find the thought of going to a medical professional a scary experience.  So your PR needs to be based around you as a person. Clients want to know that you are an expert and that you are approachable. They want to be reassured that you will listen to them and take them seriously and of course, ultimately that you can fix it. You are essentially selling peace of mind not a specific procedure. People buy feelings not things or services.

These reassuring components are likely to be communication skills that you use every day of your working life. Transfer them into your public relations campaign and it will allow you to successfully talk to a wider audience.

If you put yourself at the very centre of your campaign and communicate effectively with authenticity and passion, you will attract the right people through your doors – clients that are willing to pay for and who value the very best medical expertise.

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