5 Things To Consider When It Comes To Medical Marketing

5 Things To Consider When It Comes To Medical Marketing

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Marketing in the medical industry can be a controversial subject.
For private practices, they are part of a competitive market, making marketing an easy way to gain new patients and build brand awareness. It’s also something that needs to have consideration, planning and thought behind it to ensure that messages come across in the right way and reflects your practices’ professional image. Unsure where to start? We’ve put together our top 5 things to consider when it comes to marketing for your private practice.

1 – Avoid promoting services and/or medication

Although the norm in other industries, it generally goes without saying that it would be unethical for a surgeon, doctor or practice to promote either their services and/or medication. Instead, focus on promoting the experience and qualifications your surgeons and doctors hold. Patient testimonials are always beneficial to promote.

2 – Refrain from using words which self-promote

Words such as ‘best’ ‘top’ or ‘leading’ can be misleading and is a big no-no when it comes to marketing within the healthcare sector. You need to establish a certain level of trust when potential patients first find you to earn their business and begin building relationships.

3 – Don’t show competitors in a bad light

It’s illegal to name or provide an indication of other practices when advertising or marketing your practice. Not to mention, it’s never a good look to shame competitors. Focus on staying one step ahead internally and have all of your services listed online to let your patients make their own informed choice.

4 – Utilise platforms that will best suit your target market

For example, having a page on LinkedIn will establish your brand’s authority within the industry and a regularly updated Instagram page can get your practice in front of local and potential patients in the form of visuals and simple a simple call-to-action.

5 – Be authoritative within the sector

Showcase to your patients and potential patients that not only do you offer superior services but that you also provide the education to go with it. Posting regular blogs on your website not only educates your audience but also proves your practice’s, doctor’s or surgeon’s expertise. You’ll gain the trust of potential patients and leverage your authority amongst your competition.

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