4 Reasons Why Online Booking is Good for Business

4 Reasons Why Online Booking is Good for Business

As the UK’s population continues to grow, so does the demand for private healthcare services and treatments. Whilst this is a good thing for private medical practices, it also brings its own challenges and strain for the administration teams. This can lead to practices seeking out new alternatives and technologies which will assist them in dealing with the growth of new patients.

There are now platforms such as Doctify, which uses technology to enhance the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals. This facility allows healthcare professionals to connect with their patients as well as manage their online presence in an accessible way.

With this, the PPM team have put together four reasons why your practice will benefit from online booking.


Is your practices’ phone always ringing non-stop? Whilst this can only be a good thing as your services are in demand, it can also be a huge strain on time and resources as well as creating a stressful atmosphere. An online booking system allows your patients the flexibility to book at whatever time they want during the day or night by simply accessing the Doctify web site.

More Attractive to Clients

It goes without saying that we live in a world where everything is instant and believe it or not, potential patients can be easily put off by not being able to book something with ease online. An online booking system opens up windows for people who may not want to call. So, although your phones might be ringing off the hook, you could be opening up opportunities to reach out to even more patients.

Reduces No-Shows

The patient can be sent a text 48 hours before the appointment confirming the details. Online booking and text reminders will reduce your yearly no-show statistics massively.

Cut’s back on Admin Time.

Introducing medical software, including an online booking system, will cut down on your practices’ overall call time which in turn, will allow your administration team more valuable time to spend working on other important areas.


Doctify utilises PPM Software to facilitate their booking processes, to find out more about how private practice medical software can help you, you can contact a member of the PPM team who will be more than happy to help.


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