Are you on top of your allocations?

We are frequently approached by consultants who ask us to look at their old debt  with a view to collecting what is perceived as unpaid – figures in the region of £50-100K outstanding debt are not uncommon.

But is that amount of debt really outstanding or is that just what the report from their practice management software is telling them?

From our experience, there will typically be many payments that have been received but not marked off against the patient records and therefore the figure that is showing as outstanding is not a true amount. Without your records being up to date, it will be impossible for you to know what is truly outstanding, and whether your secretary is wasting her time chasing debt that has already been paid, plus there is a high chance you will upset self-pay patients if you chase them for payment that they have already made.

If this situation sounds all too true, there are a number of changes that may help:

Trust Health provides exceptional medical billing services and ensures that you receive all your invoiced payments, that your practice management software is up to date for each patient and that you receive full detailed reports each month.


Sally Barr
Managing Director
Trust Health Ltd

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