It’s a No-Brainer!

Any consultant in a Private Practice with annual revenues of more than £50k will benefit from using practice management software.

The case for computerising your practice management is overwhelming. It will save you money, improve the quality of care you give your patients, make your admin staff more efficient and reduce stress and aggravation. It will also free up your time so you can focus on what really matters: looking after your patients and generating more business for the practice.

If it’s such an obvious step to take, why do some consultants still hesitate?

Let’s look at the three most common reasons given for not adopting
practice management software.

  1. Cost – this is the easiest concern of all to dispel. This software will pay for itself between 6–24 months, depending on how much you already use computers. Your invoicing and credit control will become super efficient, with improved cash flow and fewer bad debts and the preparation of year-end accounts will fall from many hours to just a few minutes.
  2. IT literacy – you might be worried that your computer skills aren’t up to scratch, but you needn’t be. In the vast majority of cases, three hours of training and a couple of support calls are enough to make you completely self-sufficient. Even if it takes you longer, we provide unlimited free support until you’re happy.
  3. Security – it’s only natural to be concerned about the safety of your patient information and your practice’s financial details, so we put four levels of password protection in front of your data, with an option of encryption if required. Our software features built-in backup and our hosted solution is even more secure – saving you money on hardware and maintenance too.

Free demonstration:

To find out more, or to arrange a free no obligation demo, please call Tom on: 01992 655940 Option 2.

Tom Hunt is the managing director of PPM Software Ltd, providers of ‘PPM’ – Private Practice Manager, a fully integrated practice management solution used by the Nuffield Group,  BMI and Spire hospitals, as well as hundreds of private practices.

If you’re considering starting your own practice then you’ll find all the support you need, from managing finance to marketing, to help set up and grow your new business.