Making Success Achievable

Step into Practice is a unique venture, developed by surgeon Paul Baguley and management consultant William Howlett

We exist to provide support and advice to those setting up or expanding their practice. We aim to make our knowledge, expertise and network of contacts accessible so that everyone has the opportunity to build and maintain a successful practice.

Unique Step by Step Support

Step into Practice prepares trainees, recent fellows, consultants and dentists for the challenges involved with establishing and managing a successful private practice. We help you develop and implement a business and financial plan, and guide you to adopt the actions, processes and habits required to establish and maintain your desired lifestyle.

We bring together partners from the sectors of business, IT, web design, marketing, office management, legal, accounting, personal and business financial advice, banking and insurance. We provide a step-by-step system to get you into your own private practice quickly, easily and saving you huge amounts of time and money as we do so.

Growing your business

As a new Physician, surgeon or dentist, you can access these facilities and partners, not only to help set you up in private practice, but to maintain and manage your new business. As well as start up within 3 months, Step into Practice offers a chance to maintain, grow and develop real value in a private practice year on year, through continued mentorship and monitoring of your business and personal needs as your business grows and matures. Accreditation and revalidation are all managed through CPD and appraisals with our own appraisal and revalidation monitoring systems.

Practice management systems

If you require a full office management system, including IT hardware, PPM software, staffing, virtual or physical office management, templates, insurance, accounting and banking, financial advice and investment help, this is all offered through the one stop Step into Practice. Essentially, Step into Practice allows you to focus on the clinical side of the practice, while the business side is completely managed.

If you’re considering starting your own practice then you’ll find all the support you need, from managing finance to marketing, to help set up and grow your new business.